Maintenance and Repair

Let your highly skilled work force manage most of your maintenance and repair jobs with Remote Visual Assistance using Augmented Reality, irrespective of the on-site technician’s skill level.

Maintenance technician receiving remote assistance for a fix using AR in maintenance

Travel Less and Deliver more with AR Genie

Your technicians can resolve more cases efficiently with the power of remote visual assistance.


Remote technician guiding customer with a fix using augmented reality repair

Reduce Truck Rolls

Experts can guide customers to fix slight issues themselves with remote assistance.

Improve First Time Fix Rate

With more accurate problem analysis and precise visual instructions by experts, issues are more likely to resolve in one go.

Technician happy with improved fix rate in maintenance operations using augmented reality
Session recording of a repair procedure using remote maintenance software

Live Session Recording

Recorded Trainings/Guidance sessions can be stored in the Knowledgebase for future reference.

AR Glasses Support

Provide high-class service with AR glasses and let your staff go hands free.

Maintenance professional using AR glasses for augmented reality maintenance and repair

How It Works


Repair technician receives invite link from remote expert for AR live video session
Field Technician connects to expert with a click on the session invite link


Remote expert identifies the issue on live stream from technician using AR for maintenance
Expert examines the issue on live stream


Remote expert guides technician using annotations on live video stream to fix the issue
Technician receives remote visual instructions for the solution


Happy technician after the issue is resolved faster with augmented reality repair
The Expert verifies that the issue is fixed