AR Genie Self-Service

Automated Self Service for Installation and Troubleshooting Electronic Devices & Equipment powered with AR and AI

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Automated Self-Service

Automated Self-Service Powered by Augmented Reality, Generative AI & Computer Vision

Automated Self-Service powered by Augmented Reality, Generative AI & Computer Vision is a most powerful technological approach enabling users to independently identify & resolve their technical problems on their own without the need of any real time expert guidance or support.

Give your customers a faster solution to independently solve technical issues on their devices without any expert intervention 

Using Augmented Reality, Digital Overlays, & AI-driven Computer Vision, AR Genie's Self-Service offers an immersive onboarding & troubleshooting experience. Users can self diagnose & solve the issues faster on their devices effortlessly through automated guidance & AR step-by-step instructions, enabling efficient & quick issue resolution.


Getting troubled in installing and setting up a new device? AR Genie Onboarding automatically identifies or detects the object and guides users to onboard through interactive AR-powered automated step-by-step instructions, making the process more simplified.

Insurance agent processing the insurance claim faster with automation in insurance
Satisfied insurance agent after minimized claim lifecycle with AR claim


AR Genie Troubleshooter uses AI algorithms to automatically detect faults or interpret light patterns, enabling users to take control of device issues & resolve independently with automated assistance, right from the comfort of their home, without waiting for an expert.

AR Manuals

Replace traditional paper manuals with AR Manuals that guide your customers throughout their self service onboarding & troubleshooting journey to resolve issues & install devices easily.

Happy insurance provider with after AR risk management with augmented reality in adjustment sessions

Boost your Self-Service capabilities for On-boarding & Troubleshooting with AR Genie Self-Services

Setting up a new device & addressing issues is now made easy!

With AR Genie Self-Service, follow step-by-step automated guidance through interactive instructions on mobiles & tablets. Quickly set up your devices and solve their technical issues independently and hassle-free.


Satisfied insurance agent after minimized claim lifecycle with AR claim

Enhanced User Experience

Enhance overall experience of the user with Computer Vision AI Technology that provides real-time guidance by identifying the object, overlaying AR annotations, step-by-step instructions & diagnose issues like a human specialist.

Automatic Error Detection & Identification

AI algorithms automatically detect faults on a device or an equipment & interpret light patterns, enabling instantaneous on-screen AR guidance for quick issue resolution of the device.

Insurance agent processing the insurance claim faster with automation in insurance
Happy insurance provider with after AR risk management with augmented reality in adjustment sessions

Self-Diagnosis & Troubleshoot

Leveraging Computer Vision AI & AR, automated self services help users to self diagnose & troubleshoot their technical problems in the machinery or equipment through step-by-step automated interactive visual guidance & AR annotations.

Save Time, Cost, Minimize Downtime & Call Center Volumes

Utilizing AI-driven guidance & AR instructions, AR Genie’ Automated Self-Service eliminates the need of manual inspections, on-site visits of experts & number of customer service calls. This saves time & money, while reducing machine downtime, errors & call center volumes with improved accuracy.

Happy insurance agent and customer with easy onboarding with AR in insurance
Expert providing remote visual assistance to end user for easy troubleshooting


  • AI & AR Automated Visual Assistance
  • Light Detection Pattern
  • AR Manuals & Guidance
  • Guided On boarding
  • Real-time Object Recognition
  • Automatic Fault Detection
  • Interactive Guided Troubleshooting
  • SDK-Integration to your existing app

AR Genie Supporting Devices

AR Genie supports Smartphones & Tablets devices for enhanced experiences in AR self-services, providing user-friendly interface to users.

  • Smartphones ( iOS / Android )
  • Tablets ( iOS / Android )

How It Works

Scan and Analyze

Customer receives invite link for remote AR session with adjuster
Users utilize the AR Genie Self-Service on their mobile/tablet device to scan the equipment or object, and the application analyzes the equipment to interpret and understand the user's context.

Error Detection

Remote adjust views damaged customer property on live video stream
AR Genie Self-Assist automatically detects the errors after identifying and analyzing the visual equipment or object.

Automated Assist

Remote insurance adjuster guides the insurance holder using augmented reality to better analyze the damage
AR Genie Self-Assist automatically initiates the on-screen visual guiding via AR annotations and instructions.


The insurance adjuster has enough information regarding the damage to process the claim
With enhanced visual guidance, AR Genie Self-Service allows users to fix technical issues much faster and more easily.