Aerospace MRO powered by Augmented Reality & Generative AI

Enhancing aircraft maintenance with precision & ensuring safety in intricate Aerospace MRO processes

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AR Genie Work Assist for Aerospace

The aerospace industry stands as one of the most demanding and challenging sectors, requiring exceptional levels of efficiency, safety, and accuracy for mission-critical systems. AR Genie Work Assist, powered by Augmented Reality (AR) and Generative AI, has emerged as a transformative solution, offering advanced capabilities for aircraft maintenance, repair, operations, and training for workers and engineers. It significantly contributes to error reduction and loss mitigation inherent in these sectors.

Enhance Aerospace MRO Operational Capabilities, Streamline Maintenance Processes, & Boost Efficiency & Accuracy

Augmented Reality Technology

Develop comprehensive, step-by-step AR work instructions for complex MRO operations, including documenting and retrieving complete maintenance histories, all accessible via AR Glasses. AR Genie Work Assist is tailored to the intricacies of MRO repair environments.

Revolutionizing Aerospace Maintenance with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Augmented Reality Technology

Smart Voice Assistance powered by Generative AI

Smart Voice Assistance empowers aerospace professionals with hands-free access to vital data, reducing manual interactions & distractions for engineers & ground personnel. It facilitates interactive training & knowledge transfer, assisting maintenance technicians with instant access to manuals, schematics, & troubleshooting guides, enabling quicker & more accurate repair processes.

Enhancing Aerospace Maintenance: Utilizing Augmented Reality with 3D Models & Digital Twins for Maintenance & Training

Augmented Reality (AR), 3D Models, & Digital Twins revolutionize aerospace maintenance, offering immersive training & enhancing workflows. AR enables real-time visualization for accurate diagnosis & streamlined processes, while 3D models & digital twins create interactive training experiences. These technologies optimize efficiency, precision, & safety, shaping the future of aerospace maintenance.

Augmented Reality Technology
Augmented Reality Technology

Schedule, Plan, & Conduct MRO Jobs with Precision with Step-by-Step Instructions

Schedule & quickly assign jobs to execute complicated Aerospace Maintenance & Operations with precision & timeliness, guided by step-by-step instructions, & track progress in real-time.

Seamless Remote Collaboration for Enhanced Expert Support: Revolutionizing Aerospace Maintenance

Remote Collaboration facilitates immediate access to subject matter experts & specialists, irrespective of their location, ensuring technicians on the job receive prompt guidance & support during complex maintenance procedures. Revolutionizing the Aerospace MRO industry, Remote Collaboration enables seamless communication & cooperation among teams across different geographical locations.

Augmented Reality Technology


Voice Assistance

Customer receives invite link for remote AR session with adjuster
Smart Voice Assistance powered by Generative AI brings convenience and efficiency for smoother operations and faster decision-making.

Knowledge Base Access

Remote adjust views damaged customer property on live video stream
Enables users to access a comprehensive knowledge base to aid them in their tasks and workflows.

Work Offline

Remote insurance adjuster guides the insurance holder using augmented reality to better analyze the damage
AR Genie Work Assist offers offline capabilities for creating, using, and updating content without the Internet. This ensures MRO procedures can be accessed and used in low-connectivity areas, ensuring operational continuity despite limited connectivity.

On-Premises/ Cloud

Remote insurance adjuster guides the insurance holder using augmented reality to better analyze the damage
Organizations can select between on-premises or cloud solutions to meet their various requirements.

5G Ready

Remote insurance adjuster guides the insurance holder using augmented reality to better analyze the damage
Stay ahead of the curve in the era of rapid digital transformation.  With 5G readiness, unlock the full potential of next-generation connectivity and embrace a world of limitless possibilities.


Remote insurance adjuster guides the insurance holder using augmented reality to better analyze the damage
Security is crucial in the Aerospace industry, where precision and safety are non-negotiable. At every step, we uphold the highest standards of security to safeguard critical operations and data integrity.