Augmented Reality Solutions for Energy & Power Sector

Optimizing power plant maintenance with extended remote support in off-grid and rural areas

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AR Remote Solutions : Addressing urgent needs of the Energy Sector

The Energy & Power Sector requires extended expert reach & immediate enhanced support in real time during energy infrastructure crises. Being able to serve and support power plant operators remotely & quickly at the time of need has now become more important than ever with the increasing demand for power distribution & consumption of renewable & non-renewable energy resources.

Facing challenges in accessing technical support in extreme working environments & off-grid areas?

Our Augmented Reality solutions bridge the gap, offering real-time technical support for energy infrastructure maintenance &troubleshooting, even in rural areas where getting immediate assistance takes much longer time. Address the challenges & critical situations faced by plant operators and maintenance planners by accessing quick technical support & seamless AR step-by-step training with AR Genie’ Remote Assist & Work Assist solutions.

AR Support for Energy Plants Maintenance & Repairs:

By using AR-enabled devices or glasses, technicians can access real-time data, step-by-step instructions, maintenance, and repair manuals, right in front of their eyes. The hands-free experience enables them to quickly identify and diagnose errors in equipment or machinery of Energy Power Plants, resulting in reduced maintenance time with cost saving.

Augmented Reality Technology
Augmented Reality Technology

Remote Assistance for Energy Infrastructure or Manufacturing facilities:

On-site technician scan collaborate with remote experts in real-time using AR-enabled devices, sharing AR overlays & live camera annotation video feeds. This immediate access to expert assistance with real time feedback ensures precise quick troubleshooting of problems, speeding up overall efficiency and productivity

Enhance Solar Panel Inspections & Monitoring with AR

Solar panel operators can quickly analyze, monitor and inspect errors in solar panel systems and can prep equipment for on-site solar panel installations & monitor their energy production rates by AR overlays of the digital information in real- time over the panels and expert guidance & support.

Augmented Reality Technology
Augmented Reality Technology

Safety of Workforce in Power Plant facilities:

Breakdowns of machinery in the energy sector is not only costly due to downtimes & overhauls but also life-threatening. AR powered glasses or headsets ensure safe operations with hands-free access to information, enabling field workers to perform task distraction free with gestures or voice commands.