Augmented Reality in Manufacturing & Factory Operations

Reshaping the production facilities with remote support & Augmented Reality workflows

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Transforming Manufacturing with AR Technology

Digitize manufacturing work instructions and assembly processes for training. Optimize the equipment manufacturing process and productivity with extended expert reach and support for smooth operations, maintenance, inspections, & repair with Augmented Reality Technology.

Revolutionize the Factory Floor with Faster Training and
Issue Resolution

Augmented Reality Technology

Efficiency and precision are the keys to smooth operations in the manufacturing industry. Any downtime due to machinery breakdowns, equipment issues, or unclear work flow scan significantly impact assembly lines or disrupt production. AR Genie Remote & Work Assist offers an immersive solution, transforming the way equipment operators or frontline workers receive assistance to perform better and smarter with accuracy in their job and workspace.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Manufacturing

Augmented Reality Technology

Enhance Shop Floor Maintenance in Manufacturing units:

Through live camera video streaming, smart glasses, or handheld devices, remote experts can see the shop floor from the perspective of on-site technicians or equipment operators, acquiring a precise picture of the problem. During the session, overlaying annotations and highlighting specific components of the equipment or machinery in real time can aid in guiding through complicated tasks.

Streamlining Factory Equipment Installation

Installing any equipment or complex machinery is a costly and time-consuming process when a specific expert is not present at the facility in real time to guide the staff. AR Genie's Augmented Reality-powered Remote Assist enables real-time communication and guidance to troubleshoot any complex issues on-site personnel face while installing new machinery. AR helps in streamlining the entire installation process smoothly with cost savings and faster issue resolution rates.

Augmented Reality Technology
Augmented Reality Technology

Step-by-step Manufacturing SOPs with Digital Workflows

Maintenance, monitoring, and inspections are vital in a manufacturing unit as they affect the entire chain of the production and assembly lines. Paper-based standard operating procedures can be prone to misinterpretation, but with AR work instructions and guided overlays, the process becomes much faster and more accurate. With AR Genie Work Assist, equipment operators, assembly line workers, or production staff can utilize AR step-by-step instructions and equipment manuals for improved scheduled maintenance and inspections to increase equipment uptime & overall operational efficiency.

Minimizing production disruptions & equipment downtime

AR technology improves the first time fix-rates and minimize machinery breakdown by providing assistance in real-time, connecting experts to troubleshoot technical machinery issues immediately leading to fewer errors and rework. This allows for proactive maintenance by enabling remote inspection at early stages, before the problem arises, leading to reduction in production delays while maximizing operational uptime.

Augmented Reality Technology