AR for Medical Devices Manufacturing & Healthcare Industry

Operate medical devices smoothly & improve medical equipment maintenance with Augmented Reality Technology

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Augmented Reality in Healthcare Industry

Malfunctioning medical equipment, inadequate knowledge of device configuration or lack of equipment operating & maintenance skills by medical staff in the absence of expert technicians can delay timely monitoring & critical care, posing serious challenges.AR addresses such delays in emergency care by offering timely remote assistance, guidance with step-by-step workflows & ARS elf Services with AR Manuals for improved efficiency of the medical workforce.

Fix Technical Issues & On-board Medical Device Knowledge with AR Genie

AR Genie Remote Assist connects Medical Device Manufacturers, Technicians, Pharma Drug Laboratory Personnels with remote experts for faster equipment troubleshooting and repairs. Doctors & Healthcare Professionals can use AR Manuals for better understanding and functionality of medical devices and equipment basic configuration or setup for timely patient care

Drive excellence in Life Science & Healthcare with Augmented Reality Technology

By using AR-enabled devices or glasses, technicians can access real-time data, step-by-step instructions, maintenance, and repair manuals, right in front of their eyes. The hands-free experience enables them to quickly identify and diagnose errors in equipment or machinery of Energy Power Plants, resulting in reduced maintenance time with cost saving.

Augmented Reality Technology
Augmented Reality Technology

Remote Assistance for Energy Infrastructure or Manufacturing facilities:

❖ Interactive training and AR manuals for healthcare personals & medical equipment technicians for better usage of medical devices or equipment handling.
❖ Step-by-step instructions & 3D objects on AR glasses &tablets for improved knowledge retention of medical staff and technicians.

Safety & Efficiency in Pharma Drug Manufacturing

AR enhances efficiency and safety in Pharma Drug Manufacturing by providing the best digital tool set and error-proof AR manual workflows to the service providers. With hands-free operation and AR guidance superimposed onto the assembly line, manufacturers or service providers can analyze, identify & fix errors on machinery, enabling safe production of life-saving drugs.

Augmented Reality TechnologyAugmented Reality Technology
Augmented Reality Technology

Medical Equipment Manufacturing Maintenance & Repair

Integrating AR into maintenance workflows, technicians can identify complex issues within equipment by following AR work instructions. They can connect with remote experts to get assistance to repair equipment or machinery through real time live video streaming annotation capabilities, reducing equipment downtime and minimizing costly errors.