Preventive Maintenance & Precise Assistance for Oil & Gas Industry with AR Technology

Addressing challenges faced by frontline workers through hands-free seamless operations & digital workflows

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Cut Offshore Oil Rig Travel Costs, Inspect Quickly & Promptly Resolve Downtime Issues in Oil Refinery Equipment

Oil & Gas refineries as well as gas processing plants, pose significant challenges due to explosive atmospheres. A minor small spark or dropped tool, along with fluctuating electricity, can lead to severe consequences. Therefore, operating in these sectors require a high level of utmost precision & minimal distractions. By incorporating AR Assistance, frontline workers can work smoothly with enhanced safety & precision in operations & maintenance processes, minimizing the risk while increasing productivity of the workforce.

Pipelines Inspections & Oil Refinery Monitoring

AR assistance enables pipeline inspections & refinery monitoring fast & accurate. With AR Genie Remote Assist, workers can get real-time AR guidance from experts for inspecting & monitoring the corrosion & other defects in pipelines & plant equipment via AR overlays & live video streaming annotation capabilities.

Augmented Reality Technology
Augmented Reality Technology

Offshore Oil Rig Maintenance with Augmented Reality

Offshore operators can solve the technical issues in the oil rig plants by connecting with experts in real-time through live camera video streaming. Experts guide operators via AR annotations & instructions overlaid on the physical environment of the equipment for real-time communication & faster issue resolution & quick maintenance.

Reduce pitfalls of Paper Manuals or Hand-held Devices

Work hands-free with AR Genie’ integrated AR Glasses & devices for faster operation, & fix complex gas turbines, pumps & other machinery issues quicker with AR Manuals, 3D Models & digital step-by-step information overlays, right at workers’ field of vision without distractions & delay.

Augmented Reality Technology
Augmented Reality Technology

Minimize Downtime & Operational Cost of visiting the Oil Drilling Sites

With AR Genie’ live camera video streaming & annotation features, expert can guide frontline workers immediately in real time without visiting the actual sites of Oil rig. This reduces the machinery downtime as well as operational cost by fixing the issues remotely with AR guidance & mark-up tools, right from the expert deskforce.

Mitigate Corrosions & Increase Safety of Frontline Workers

AR allows for preventive maintenance by enabling workers to detect & resolve corrosion & damaged parts at an early stage. It contributes to frontline workers' safety by providing them real-time critical information, safety alerts & evacuation routes in emergency situations, minimizing the risk of potential hazards through data visualization in large gas pipelines facility.

Augmented Reality Technology