Augmented Reality in Automotive Manufacturing Operations & Maintenance

Improving work efficiency of Automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers & Engineers through AR enabled assistance & step-by-step training modules

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Cut down traditional paper manuals & get expert real time support

Utilize Augmented Reality Assistance & provide technical remote support to auto manufacturers & engineers in automotive manufacturing plants & vehicle assemblies for maintenance and repair. Streamline automotive operations with unprecedented precision, using AR Genie’ augmented reality assistance & step-by-step digital workflows.

Digitize Automotive or Electric Vehicles Manufacturing operations with AR Genie

Augmented Reality Technology

AR Genie’s Augmented Reality Remote Assist Software enables remote experts to connect with on-site auto manufacturers, technicians, and engineers from anywhere to quickly troubleshoot and inspect the damaged vehicle components in real time with AR guidance and overlays via AR supported devices. Its Work Assist Software offers instructional step-by-step training & upskilling via AR glasses support, reducing the dependency on paper manuals while enhancing learning experiences for users.

Key Benefits of Augmented Reality Technology in Automotive Industry & Why to choose AR support

Augmented Reality Technology

Reduced Errors in Automotive Factory Maintenance& Repair

AR Genie Augmented Reality guidance reduces the human errors in maintenance & repair of damaged vehicle components & automotive machinery by allowing experts to provide real time technical support and feedback to on-site technicians or auto makers through AR annotated visuals & digital overlay of technical information for troubleshooting complex processes or repairs.

Training & Skill Development of Automotive Workforce

AR based training modules or workflows allow employers to learn efficiently how to operate, install & fix the machinery through 3Dmodels or AR visuals in a controlled environment before engaging with the actual machinery or complex parts of the vehicles. AR digital tools &guided step-by-step instructions ramp up the workers productivity while boosting their job satisfaction.

Augmented Reality Technology
Augmented Reality Technology

Reduce Automobile Assembly Plant Downtime & Save Operational Cost

Unplanned down time due to inefficient troubleshooting is a major cause of concern when dealing with a complex manufacturing equipment. AR assistance and guided work flows helps in resolving the issues swiftly in real time, saving the manufacturing& operational cost with faster visualization and identification.

Improved Customer Experience

Customers facing issues with their vehicles can receive AR guidance from service centers through AR-enabled devices and apps for simple maintenance & troubleshooting tasks. They can explore different features, maintenance & safety protocols of the vehicles through AR enabled demonstration, improving their overall experience.

Augmented Reality Technology