Food and Beverage Equipment

Streamline food and beverage processing, cut-down operational costs and reduce machine downtime with Remote Visual Assistance

Professional troubleshooting food processing equipment with visual assistance in the food and beverage industry

Faster Troubleshooting and Maintenance with AR Genie

Food Processing Equipment suppliers can provide trainings, service, maintenance and troubleshoot issues remotely with Augmented Reality


On-site staff resolving machinery with remote assistance using AR in the food industry

Reduce Technician Dispatches

Enable on-site workforce to resolve minor issues themselves, reducing technician dispatches.

Minimize Equipment Downtime

Troubleshoot issues faster with remote assistance and recover faster.

On-site technician troubleshooting food manufacturing equipment with remote AR assistance
Food and beverage manufacturing staff setting up new equipment with augmented reality assistance

Faster Installation

Install new equipment easily with remote visual assistance and save time.

Faster Remote Trainings

Provide effective remote training sessions to field engineers.

Professional receiving visual remote training to operate food and beverage equipment

How It Works


On-site engineer receives invite link for remote AR session
On-site Engineer connects to remote expert using session invite link


Remote expert examines the food manufacturing equipment on live video stream
Expert examines the food processing equipment on live video


Remote expert guides on-site staff to troubleshoot the equipment using AR in food industry
On-site Engineer receives remote visual assistance to troubleshoot the issue


Happy food and beverage industry staff after the issue is resolved
The issue is resolved faster with remote assistance