Field Service

Empower your field technicians with our revolutionary Augmented Reality Remote Visual Assistance

Field technician using AR in field service for better and faster troubleshooting

Take Your Field Service to Another Level with AR Genie

Enhance productivity with an exemplary level of field service!


Field technician happy with faster solutions with AR in field service operations

Faster Solutions

Experts can guide technicians through solutions on live stream in no time at all!

Superior Quality Customer Service

Cutting-edge technology that improves your customer experience with an exceptional level of service.

Field technician receiving remote guidance using AR glasses for filed service
Field professional with AR glasses receiving live video assistance for faster fixes

Hands Free Service

Empower your technicians with AR glasses where holding a smartphone may be restricting.

Reduced Operational Costs

Cut down operation costs with reduced truck rolls and improved First Time Fix rates.

Money pot resembling cost savings with augmented reality in field service

How It Works


Field technician receives remote session link from expert for visual assistance
Field agent connects to expert with a click on the session invite link


Remote expert analysis the setup on AR live stream from the technician's side
Expert identifies the issue through live video stream


Remote expert guides the field technician using AR in field service for remote troubleshooting
Expert guides the field agent through the solution with annotations


Satisfied field technician after the fix using AR in field service operations
Expert verifies that the fix works