Guide your construction or property maintenance workforce precisely and make equipment maintenance with our Augmented Reality Remote Visual Assistance.

Applying annotations to construction equipment using augmented reality in construction industry

Machinery and Equipment Maintenance with AR Genie

Construction and Property Maintenance Equipment suppliers can provide trainings, service and troubleshoot issues faster with AR Genie


Civil engineers using automation in construction for efficient project planning

Efficient Project Planning

Assess the site remotely before construction or maintenance and cut down on travel time and expenses.

Estimate Project Requirements

Perform remote analysis of sites to be maintained/renovated to estimate equipment and workforce requirements.

Engineers remotely assessing project requirements for construction and property services
Money jar displaying cost savings with increased machine uptime and better machinery maintenance

Increase Machine Uptime

On-site engineers can fix most issues themselves with remote guidance.

Faster Remote Trainings

Machinery suppliers can provide remote training sessions to on-site engineers.

Construction machinery supplier's engineer remotely providing equipment maintenance training

How It Works


On-site civil engineer connects to remote expert using session invite link
On-site engineer connects to remote expert using session invite link


Remote expert analyses the equipment using augmented reality in the construction industry
Expert examines the machine on live video stream


Remote expert provides training to the civil engineer on operating the new machine
On-site Engineer receives remote visual guidance on operating the machine


The civil engineer gets upskilled with remote augmented reality training to use the new machinery
The Engineer gets upskilled for his task in no time