How to Start a Remote Session on Portal?

  • To start the session immediately, click on the Start Meeting tab which will connect you with the participant or the team.

  • Click on the close button if you want to start the session later, which can be easily accessible from “My Session”.

Once the session has been created, the expert or the host will get the notification when a participant joins the session. To start the session immediately, the expert must click on the Join Meeting tab. When both the expert & participant enters into a meeting room for the session, then a window screen for a live remote session will open for starting the video session.

When the session starts a technician and participant can interact with each other while using different features of AR Genie remote assistance which includes:

  • AR Annotation: Markers ( Arrows, Circle, Free Hand), highlighted with different colors representing their usage as per the requirement during live session for quick guidance & support.
Figure 1: Representing different annotation makers
  • Text Box: A technician can write certain instructions for the field personnel on the text boxes and point them to the desired area, hence enabling the participant to know better and be clear about the instructions.
Figure 2: A Text chat box is shown for adding certain instructions

Figure 3: A Red Box with Down Arrow

As shown in the figure above, a red text box with down arrow represents certain instructions given by the remote expert to the field personnel for that particular area on the board, to help him better understand the instructions.

  • Meeting Chat: The chat option enables users to share the information & chat during the remote support
  • Snapshot: This helps to capture the specific event during the session to evaluate or analyze the situation.

A technician can send invitation link to other teams or guest through “Send Link” option during live session.

  • Recording: Another exciting feature is the live recording option that records the session details and streaming in real time which can be easily accessible later through the “ My Session” & "History” tab for training & monitoring purposes.

The audio or microphone option enables live listening of the conversation during the video session which helps in better communication between the technicians and remote teams.

  • My Session: On My Session tab you can view the recording as well as add or create notes later about the session

  • History: “History” tab on the dashboard will provide you with all the details about your session history.

Here at the “History tab” you can also create your notes in the “Note” section and you can see your recorded files from the recording option.

By Clicking on the “Leave Meeting” button, you will now exit from the live remote session.

End Session:

How to End the Remote Session on the Portal?

The End Session denotes the closing of the sessions created by the host in the representative console. It indicates that the queries for which the session tickets were created have now been resolved and a tech expert need not to start the session of those tickets again.

By clicking on the “ End Session”, the session details move to the History section of the portal, indicating the session has been resolved.