Integration Partner: Genesys

Genesys offers a powerful and scalable customer service and engagement platform to help manage your customer base efficiently

Expert providing remote visual assistance to end user for easy troubleshooting

AR Genie with Genesys

AR Genie’s Augmented Reality Remote Virtual Assistance integrated with Genesys hands you the power to resolve your tickets faster and improve customer experience

Create and join remote assistance sessions instantly
Send session invite links directly through Genesys
Easily switch from chat to remote visual session

How It Works


Customer receives invite link for a Genesys AR support session
Share session invite link with the customer


Remote expert detects customer's issue on AR livestream
Understand customer’s issue quickly through live video stream


Remote expert guides customer through the solution with live remote assist
Guide the customer through the solution steps easily with annotations


Happy customer after the issue is resolved with AR remote assistance
Resolve issues faster from the comfort of your own space