Boost Customer Service with AR Genie Remote Visual Assistance Software

Boost Customer Service with AR Genie Remote Visual Assistance Software

Remote Visual Assistance also known as remote support is a technology driven approach that allows organizations to provide real-time repair and maintenance support to their customers anywhere anytime via live camera video streaming remotely. It uses Augmented Reality technology for the seamless collaboration between the remote expert and field agents during support process, inspections or diagnosing any technical problems in the equipment or machinery very quickly and effectively.    

What is Remote Visual Assistance Software?  

Remote Visual Assistance Software deploys augmented reality technology and communication tools such as live video streaming & audio to enable real-time visual assistance or visual support between experts and users working in different locations. With this software, an expert technician can guide and help the field agent through annotations and visual instructions by viewing the live video feed shared by the field agent, without the need of going personally to the field instantly. It is a cost effective solution that provides help in solving the complex troubleshooting issues and increases efficiency & productivity across different industries by reducing the response times.

AR Genie Remote Visual Assistance Software   

AR Genie Remote Visual Assistance Software is a Smartphone, Tablets and AR Glasses compatible software embedded with  Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Technology to provide efficient tech support and customer service. Designed to meet the requirements of the support teams & operations, maintenance, & training needs, the software supports almost all the operating systems such as Windows, Linux, macOS, chromeOS, & iOS and android and runs on different browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari. 

Its mobile application “ AR Genie App ” is particularly designed for the end users which can be easily available to download via Google Play Store & App Store. The app offers a very easy user experience and runs on devices like AR Glasses, Android (version 11), iPhone, iPad and tablet with (version 10) or above. 

AR Genie is a multilingual software (English, & Japanese) to navigate, fostering global accessibility & bridging the communication gap between the organizations and workers. Compatible with smart wearable devices like AR Smart Glasses, the software helps in providing hands- free access to information, strengthening remote collaboration, enabling on site workers to share & capture the photos and videos in hands-free mode with the remote experts.

Why to Choose an AR Genie Platform ?   

AR Genie Remote Visual Assistance Software is an easy to use application that provides various features for seamless remote collaboration. Some of the key features of the software includes: 

  • Augmented Reality Support: The software platform uses augmented reality technology to overlay 3D objects, annotations or digital instructions during live video feed for guidance and troubleshooting the issues.
  •  AR- Annotations & Mark-up tools: AR Genie software provides both experts and users the capability to annotate, draw or highlight specific details through various coloured mark-up tools within live camera video streaming, enabling them to explain details clearly.

  • Live Camera Video Streaming: It helps experts to see the situation firsthand through real-time live camera video streaming from on-site location. With “AR Genie'' Live Camera Streaming feature, experts can view the remote device back camera of the customer & guide them through annotations. 
  • Hands-free Assistance: The software supports lightweight AR Smart Glasses to provide hands-free assistance and minimise the user control of on-site devices to provide the quick hands-on guidance.

  • Session recording: This feature enables recording of the live remote sessions and keeps the record of the session details which can be utilised later for training, documentation and monitoring purposes.

  • SDK Integration: The platform allows companies to integrate AR Genie’ Software Development Kit at their existing systems or application platforms for smoother operations, support & functionality and allows transfer of data, information or tasks between different software applications. 
  • File Sharing in Chat : With the help of this software, remote experts can exchange images, documents, & video files from the portal to the app during chat between other remote experts and on-site workers for reference & information sharing. 

  • Two way communication: It facilitates clear communication between the on-site person and the remote expert via chat’ file sharing & video streaming during live sessions. 
  • Multi-party Collaboration: The platform supports multi-party collaboration features for training & providing assistance to on-site workers. It allows multiple & specialized tech experts to join the remote session & guide on-site workers if the problem is not resolved at one go.

  • Security & Privacy: The software follows the encryption protocols and secure connection standards ensuring the safety of data shared between the teams during the session. 

These above features of AR Genie collectively enhance remote collaboration, foster business operations by providing efficient tech support, making remote visual assistance software a valuable tool for various industries like manufacturing, field & customer services, automobile , aviation & defence, oil & gas, healthcare etc where tech support, repair and maintenance is required in every phase of business operations. The software connects end users with experts instantly, helping in solving technical complex problems and errors over the mobile or tablet without any delay.