Augment your Remote Visual Assistance through AR Smart Glasses

Experience AI-Powered Augmented Reality Technology for Tech Support, Maintenance, Operations & Training

Expert providing remote visual assistance to end user for easy troubleshooting

Witness the incredible potential of AR Smart Glasses for Remote Assistance & unleash new possibilities as we guide you through a transformative experience of Visual Assistance & Support

Why choose AR Genie?

Operator receives instruction through augmented reality with video for new machine setup

Supports 5G & Explosion-Proof AR glasses

AR Genie supports high speed 5G connectivity enabled smart glasses for variety of industry applications along with 5G Explosion-Proof (ATEX Zone 1-certified) AR glasses designed for hazardous environments like oil & gas, mining etc. to ensure the safety of frontline workers

Supports Lightweight AR Glasses

Supports highly mobile lightweight AR glasses headset for Industries, Manufacturers, & Field Services, minimizing discomfort & fatigue on user’s eyes

Manufacturing Engineer receives instructions with augmented reality in video
Manufacturing personnel receives visual guidance on AR glasses for remote troubleshooting

AR Annotation & Guidance Capabilities

Experts can provide clear guidance & support for troubleshooting the issue through annotations on live video streams shared by field workers AR Glass camera

AR Glass Live Camera Streaming

Enable real time visual assistance by AR Glass Live Camera Streaming feature allowing remote experts to view the live video stream shown by smart glass wearers in real time. This helps the experts to guide, instruct & troubleshoot easily as if they are present alongside the person wearing the AR glasses.

On-site engineer receives remote training on live stream session for operating new machinery