Streamline your telecommunication operations, simplifying customer onboarding and service.

Customer annotating on a router on live live video stream using AR in telecom

Enhance your Customer Experience with AR Genie

AR genie enables your technical support team to provide frictionless customer experience by simplifying onboarding, problem solving, and needless technician visits


Customer receiving step by step guidance with automated telecom on setting up a router

Quick and Easy Installation

Guide customers with step-by-step visual instructions for first time setup.

Enhance First Time Fix Rate

Enable technicians to Identify and resolve issues more efficiently with remote assistance.

Remote expert guides technician using augmented reality on fixing a broken router for better fix rate
Happy customer after issue resolution with remote assistance in telecom automation

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Make troubleshooting and service easier with visual assistance.

Cut-down Operational Costs

Solve more issues remotely and reduce unnecessary technician dispatches.

Money jar depicting cost savings with augmented reality in telecom network services

How It Works


Customer receives session invite from telecom technician for AR remote session
Customer connects to remote Technician with a click on the session join link


Remote telecom technician identifies the issue with automated telecom
Technician identifies the issue on video stream


Remote technician guides the customer to resolve the issue with AR in telecom
Technician guides the customer through the solution with AR annotations


Happy customer after the issue is resolved quickly with automation in telecom
The issue is resolved within no time