Step by Step Remote Visual Assistance for Operation, Training and Maintenance tasks. Connect on Any Device: AR Glasses, Mobile and Computer

Machine operator receives remote visual guidance to a operate a new machine

Faster Trainings and Issue Resolutions with AR Genie

Manufacturing Machinery and Equipment suppliers can provide trainings, service and troubleshoot issues faster remotely with AR Genie


Operator receives instruction through augmented reality with video for new machine setup

Easy Guided Configuration

Guide Operators with AR annotations for quick and easy configuration.

Increase Machine Uptime

On-site engineers can fix most issues themselves with remote guidance.

Manufacturing Engineer receives instructions with augmented reality in video
Manufacturing personnel receives visual guidance on AR glasses for remote troubleshooting

AR Glasses Support

Empower your staff with AR glasses and let them go hands free.

Faster Remote Trainings

Provide effective remote training sessions to field engineers.

On-site engineer receives remote training on live stream session for operating new machinery

How It Works


Engineer receives link to connect to start live stream session with expert
On-site Engineer connects to remote expert with AR glasses


Remote expert examines machine setup through live video stream
Expert examines the setup through engineer’s AR glasses’ camera


Remote expert guides engineer through augmented reality for manufacturing operations
On-site Engineer receives remote guidance with AR glasses


The engineer is efficiently trained with remote training with augmented reality
The Engineer gets upskilled for his task in no time