Energy and Utilities

Ensure maximum uptime, efficiency and cost-effective maintenance for your offshore equipment with Remote Visual Assistance using Augmented Reality

Professional scanning solar panel for visual assistance with AR in the energy and utilities in industry

Remote Trainings and Machinery Maintenance with AR Genie

Offshore equipment suppliers can provide remote trainings, service and troubleshoot issues conveniently with AR Genie


On-site oil rig workforce getting trained with augmented reality in the energy sector

Remote Training and Upskilling

Provide trainings and guidance to on-site workforce to operate new machinery.

Reduce Equipment Downtime

Resolve issues faster with remote visual assistance and reduce machine downtime.

On-site staff troubleshooting machinery with AR for energy and utilities management
Professional wearing AR glasses for remote visual assistance in sustainable energy solutions

AR Glasses Support

Empower your technicians to go hands free and put their skills to the best of use.

Minimize Running Costs

Reduce operational costs with remote repair assistance and lesser technician dispatches.

Money pot depicting cost savings with augmented reality energy solutions

How It Works


Rig personnel receives session invite link for remote assistance session
Rig personnel connects to remote expert using session invite link


Remote expert analyses the equipment on live video stream with AR in the energy sector
Expert examines the machine on live video stream


Rig personnel is remotely assisted for troubleshooting the machinery
Rig personnel receives remote visual guidance on troubleshooting the machine


Field staff shows thumbs up after resolving the issue with augmented reality utilities
The issue is resolved faster with remote assistances