AR Genie unveils Next Generation Augmented Reality Remote Visual Assistance platform - AR Genie App

AR Genie unveils Next Generation Augmented Reality Remote Visual Assistance platform - AR Genie App

Delivering immersive real-time Augmented Reality powered Remote Visual Assistance across various industries, fostering remote support collaboration, reduced downtime & operational cost

San Jose, California, United States, 6 December 2023 - AR Genie,Inc,.a provider of AR Remote Support Solutions is proud to announce the launch of a cutting edge Augmented Reality powered Remote Visual Assistance platform with the introduction of its “AR Genie App” for real-time visual remote assistance and collaboration between the organisations providing remote tech support.

As industries continue to embrace digital transformation and evolving technology, the need for seamless remote tech support and collaboration to resolve complex technical issues in machinery with the rising demand of more sophisticated remote assistance tools is necessary. To address the challenges organisations face in providing the efficient technical support or guidance to their customers and workers operating in the field, AR Genie has come up with a most powerful augmented reality solution for diverse industries. 

Designed to meet the requirements of business operations and IT, AR Genie’s AR Genie Remote Assistance platform uses augmented reality technology to offer a dynamic and immersive remote visual assistance experience. Compatible with iOS / Android phones / Tablets / Laptops & AR Glasses, AR Genie platform seamlessly integrates with organization’s workflow system to provide easy remote visual assistance and collaboration between teams & tech experts.

Leveraging the cutting edge AR technology, the platform facilitates smooth collaboration by delivering instant visual solutions, interactive real-time assistance, AR smart instructions, adaptive user interface and help in troubleshooting complex challenges faced by remote tech experts and field workers during the support process. 

Designed to fulfil the requirements of end users, its mobile application, “ AR Genie App” enables users to connect with the remote tech experts immediately, anywhere, anytime across the globe for visual guidance and support. The app supports android, iphone, iPad and tablet devices and offers an easy interactive user experience with features of various AR 3D annotations and mark-up tools, live back camera video streaming and much more.. It is easily available to download for Android & iOS devices through Google Play Store & App Store, supporting android (version 11), and iphone, iPad, tablet with (version 10) or above.

Benefits of using AR Genie Remote Visual Assistance platform:

  1. Immersive AR Experience: Users & Tech experts can experience an immersive augmented reality environment during the remote tech support process through live video annotation visual guidance.

  2. Real time Visual Assistance: Tech experts can provide real-time visual assistance & troubleshoot the issues immediately with the help of AR Genie Remote Visual
    Assistance platform.
  1. Reduced Downtime: Enable experts to diagnose the issues more quickly, reducing operational cost and resolution times.

  2. Live Session Recording: Remote Tech Experts can record the live sessions through the portal for monitoring & training purposes.

  3. Solve Technical issues faster: Allows tech experts to annotate via AR annotations, markers & 3D objects during live remote sessions, enabling resolutions of problems faster.

AR Genie Mobile App Features & Benefits:

  1. Remote Collaboration: Users or on-site workers can connect with the tech experts & teams via mobile app, fostering remote collaboration between the teams.

  2. AR Annotations: The on- site worker or technician in the field can annotate the errors on the mobile screen in a real time effortlessly during the live remote
    sessions through the app annotations features.
  3. Live Back Camera Video Streaming: Through live back camera video streaming, on-site workers can share their surroundings with the remote experts in real-time.
  4. Two way Communication: Tech experts & on site workers can communicate with each other via sharing text chats, images, videos & other documents.
  5. Adaptive User Interface: Provide user-friendly interface, ensuring users to access AR tools effortlessly for enhanced remote assistance experience.

AR Genie Remote Visual Assistance platform provides diverse application and real time support across various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, training & education, field services, automobile, aerospace, logistics & warehousing, retails, energy, insurance and telecommunications etc. Using AR Genie’s platform, organisations can benefit and enhance their operational efficiency, boost productivity with cost effective solutions, solving their tech support needs remotely with interactive and enhanced collaboration.  

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About AR Genie: 

AR Genie is a leading provider of Augmented Reality Remote Support solutions, dedicated to revolutionising industries through advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Large Language Models (LLM), and Spatial Computing. Headquartered in San Jose, California, with registered offices in Japan and India, the company specializes in developing AR software solutions for Remote Visual Assistance, Work Instructions, and AR self-services.

AR Genie's core offerings include real-time tech support facilitated by live video enriched with augmented reality (AR) annotations, AR Manuals, 3D models, and visual automation. The company excels in Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, LLM, and Spatial Computing, providing comprehensive solutions for industrial operations, maintenance, training and development, and self-services.

AR Genie caters to diverse industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, training, field services, automobile, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, energy, insurance, and telecommunications. With a commitment to empower organizations and driving excellence, AR Genie stands at the forefront of transforming the remote assistance landscape.


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