AR Genie unveils cutting-edge Augmented Reality, Generative AI & Computer Vision Solutions at CES 2024

AR Genie unveils cutting-edge Augmented Reality, Generative AI & Computer Vision Solutions at CES 2024

Delivering unparalleled support & immersive AR experiences for Operations, Maintenance, & Training across various industries

San Jose, California, United States, 9 January 2024
- AR Genie, Inc is thrilled to announce its participation at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES ) in Las Vegas from 9th – 12th January, 2024. The company is presenting its latest product and Augmented Reality solutions, offering live demonstrations on AR-enabled devices such as MagicLeap AR Glasses, Android/iOS devices, and tablets at their (Booth 60645), specially designed for the industrial operations, maintenance, training, consumer electronics and manufacturing sector. 

AR Genie is dedicated to empower industries with cutting-edge Augmented Reality, AI, Large Language Models (LLM), & Computer Vision Technology and is poised to revolutionize the experience of remote visual assistance, work instructions, and AR self-services to streamline and enhance the productivity of factory workers and engineers operating in the field.

At CES, AR Genie will unveil three groundbreaking products, showcasing the incredible potential of Augmented Reality, Generative AI, Computer Vision and L.L.M Technology. These innovative technologies are set to transform the landscape of remote support and tech assistance, enhancing the efficiency and productivity across various industries while providing seamless onboarding & troubleshooting experiences to consumers through AR enabled self-services.

AR Genie Product Demonstrations at CES : 

  • AR Genie Remote Assist, Offers Real-Time Assistance:

    AR Remote Assist allows experts to see what the user sees through live video streaming, enabling them to provide visual guidance and support, leading to more effective and efficient issue resolution, troubleshooting, or maintenance through digital AR information, such as annotations, instructions, or visual cues by overlaying onto the real-world environment of the user.
  • AR Genie Work Assist, Offers Step-by-Step Instructions: 

    AR Work Instructions utilize Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced by Generative AI and Spatial Computing Technology to superimpose digital information, including step-by-step guidance, 3D models, and annotations, onto the physical environment. These instructions are crafted to support and guide workers in carrying out tasks, procedures, or workflows. The integration of digital and physical realms through AR enhances user comprehension and delivers a hands-free, immersive experience. This approach simplifies the execution of procedures, facilitates maintenance tasks, and aids in training across diverse industries.
  • AR Genie Self Services, Offers Visual Automation Assistance:

    AR Genie Self-Service seamlessly merges the potential of Augmented Reality and Computer Vision AI, delivering Visual Automated Assistance. This empowers customers to autonomously diagnose, identify, and resolve technical issues through automated assistance, eliminating the need for immediate expert guidance or support.

Companies can integrate AR Genie's suite of solutions, including Remote Assist, Work Assist, and Self Service, into their industrial operations & maintenance, manufacturing, and training processes. This deployment enables interactive and immersive AR visual remote support in real-time. AR Genie Solutions are specifically designed to address the challenges workers encounter in obtaining immediate assistance. These suites of solutions serve as a robust tool to facilitate real-time support, connecting workers with experts across diverse industry verticals such as Aerospace, Defense, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Energy, Manufacturing, Field Services, Consumer Electronics, and more.

AR Genie extends a warm invitation to all attendees and media representatives to witness live demonstrations of these cutting-edge AR solutions at the Venetian Expo, Hall G, Booth #60645 at Eureka Park, throughout the CES event from January 9th to 12th, 2024. Experience through live product demos how AR Genie innovative AR technologies are reshaping the landscape of remote support, maintenance, and operations across various industries. 

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About AR Genie:

AR Genie is a leading provider of Augmented Reality Remote Support solutions, dedicated to revolutionising industries through advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Large Language Models (LLM), and Spatial Computing. Headquartered in San Jose, California, with registered offices in Japan and India, the company specializes in developing software solutions for Remote Visual Assistance, Work Instructions, and AR self-services.

AR Genie's core offerings include real-time tech support facilitated by live video enriched with augmented reality (AR) annotations, AR Manuals, 3D models, and visual automation. The company excels in Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, LLM, and Spatial Computing, providing comprehensive solutions for industrial operations, maintenance, training and development, and self-services.

AR Genie caters to diverse industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, training, field services, automobile, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, energy, insurance, and telecommunications. With a commitment to empower organizations and driving excellence, AR Genie stands at the forefront of transforming the remote assistance landscape.


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