AR Genie announced significant enhancements to its Remote Assist platform

AR Genie announced significant enhancements to its Remote Assist platform

San Jose, California, United States, 25 June 2024 - ‍AR Genie, a leading provider of Augmented Reality remote support solutions, announced significant enhancements to its AR Genie Remote Assist platform. The latest update introduces "live screen sharing" and "external USB camera" support, further expanding the platform’s capabilities and utility for users across various industries.

“We are constantly innovating to improve the remote assistance experience for our users.” said Tarun Mehta, CEO, AR Genie Inc., “Resolving complex issues on the machinery and conducting detailed inspections can be challenging due to limited information & low-quality visuals. The external USB camera support & live screen share enhancement on our Remote Assist platform addresses the key challenges faced by our users, enabling a more efficient and effective troubleshooting process.”

Real-Time Technical Remote Support with Live Screen Share

The new live screen sharing functionality in AR Genie Remote Assist platform allows remote experts to share their desktop screen directly with on-site technicians in real-time during a support session. For virtual teams of experts connecting to discuss issues on complex machinery or on-site technicians working in the field, the remote assist screen sharing enables more dynamic, fast, and hands-on access to information.

This functionality fosters a more collaborative environment, as on-site technicians can see the information that remote experts are sharing for guidance and efficient troubleshooting. It facilitates real-time discussions and problem-solving by displaying the same information simultaneously between users. This feature is particularly beneficial for industries where visual clarity and precision are essential, such as healthcare, manufacturing, Aerospace MRO and field service operations etc.

Hands-Free Assistance & Enhanced Visual Support with USB Cameras

The integration of USB camera support into the AR Genie Remote Assist platform offers hands-free assistance and visual support. Technicians can simply clip a USB camera onto their glasses or helmet, allowing remote experts to see exactly what they see. 

There are certain situations that demand enhanced camera positioning and hands-free operation, such as complex repairs or procedures in detailed and intricate work environments, including complex machinery maintenance, manufacturing lines, or medical equipment assembly. In these scenarios USB camera support works as a valuable tool by allowing on-site technicians to free up their hands to focus entirely on the task while still receiving guidance and feedback from the remote expert. 

Key Benefits:

Live Screen Sharing:

  • Foster clear communication between remote experts and on-site technicians.

  • Enhance troubleshooting efficiency and faster issue resolution.

  • Improve collaboration between remote experts and teams.

External USB Camera Support:

  • Hands-free operation of tasks for faster issue resolution with better accuracy.

  • Better resolution and enhanced image quality with wider field of view for critical visual tasks.

  • Greater flexibility in camera positioning and usage for detailed inspections and analyses.

With these new advancements, AR Genie reaffirms its commitment to drive innovation by empowering industries with the tools necessary for seamless and real-time support. The ability to use external cameras in critical scenarios and demonstrating solutions and information with live screen sharing can significantly minimize downtime, speed up the troubleshooting process, and ensure faster equipment repair. Overall empowering real-time technical support by creating a more interactive and collaborative experience for both remote experts and on-site technicians.

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About AR Genie:

AR Genie is a leading provider of Augmented Reality Remote Support solutions, dedicated to revolutionizing industries through advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Large Language Models (LLM), and Spatial Computing. Headquartered in San Jose, California, with registered offices in Japan and India, the company specializes in developing software solutions for Remote Visual Assistance, Work Instructions, and AR Self-Services.

AR Genie's core offerings include real-time tech support facilitated by live video enriched with augmented reality (AR) annotations, AR Manuals, 3D models, and visual automation. The company excels in Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, LLM, and Spatial Computing, providing comprehensive solutions for industrial operations, maintenance, training & development, and self-services.

AR Genie caters to diverse industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, training, field services, automobile, aerospace and defense, oil and gas, energy, healthcare, insurance, and telecommunications. With a commitment to empower organizations and driving excellence, AR Genie stands at the forefront of transforming the remote assistance landscape.


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