Augmented Reality Technology

Aerospace & Defense industries are among the most demanding & challenging sectors, requiring high levels of efficiency, safety and accuracy for mission-critical systems. Augmented Reality Technology has emerged as a trans formative force, offering advanced solutions across various applications in these sectors, including aircraft & military equipment’ maintenance and repair, operations & training for workers or engineers. Contributing to the overall reduction of errors & mitigation of losses that are prone to these sectors.

Enhance Operational capabilities, resolve complex Maintenance processes & improve overall efficiency & accuracy

Augmented Reality Technology

The ‘AR Genie’ platform offers a comprehensive suite of AR solutions for aviation & defense covering operations, training, precision assembly, manufacturing as well as aircraft maintenance and repair processes. The platform enables users to enhance and stream line precision & accuracy in all aspects of the aerospace & defense sector while optimizing maintenance workflows through expert collaboration & augmented reality glasses equipped with real-time visualization capabilities.

Here’s Why AR is Beneficial for Aerospace & Defense Industry

Augmented Reality Technology

Enhance Aircraft Maintenance

Augmented Reality allows technicians to use immersive visualization & AR overlays to examine or analyze aircraft engines & other components, enabling them to identify issues more quickly, leading to improved efficiency in maintenance operations.

Reduce Machinery Downtime

Quickly identify & diagnose damaged jet engine blades through intuitive guidance, step-by-step instructions, and overlaid 3D models. This accelerates repairs, minimizes downtime, saves time and money with visual assistance.

Augmented Reality Technology
Augmented Reality Technology

Improve Training of your Workforce

With AR Genie integrated AR glasses, maintenance personnel or technicians can visualize & interact with complex parts of the aircraft, as if they are working on them. They can practice their skills & assessment with live 3D models, step-by-step instructions & AR Manuals without assembling the aircraft, accelerating the learning curve of properly maintaining various planes at one go.

Improved Remote Field Inspection

AR in defense streamlines communication, providing efficient support from global experts through real-time visual assistance. This ensures immediate compliance and on-the-spot inspection or issue resolution for military equipment.

Augmented Reality Technology

How It Works

Connect with Experts

Customer receives invite link for remote AR session with adjuster
The assembly line workers or engineers at the aircraft maintenance & manufacturing center connect with specialized experts via AR enabled devices ( android, iOS, AR glasses) by joining the remote session or invitation link through email or SMS.

Expert view what the crew sees

Remote adjust views damaged customer property on live video stream
Once the field technician connects with thespecialized experts, the expert can view the real time status of theaircraft assembly or manufacturing
through a live camera stream.

Collaborate & Assist in real time

Remote insurance adjuster guides the insurance holder using augmented reality to better analyze the damage
The experts guide the field technician via AR annotations & 3D models in real-time & address the key focus areas with AR tools, voice chat & texts etc for better understanding.