Unlock Growth Potential with AR Genie Remote Assist

Empower your startup with cutting-edge technology! AR Genie Remote Assist is revolutionizing the way startups provide support to their customers. Now, for a limited time, we're offering a free 3-month plan exclusively for startup companies. Experience the power of augmented reality (AR) in remote assistance and elevate your customer support to new heights.


Instant Troubleshooting

Quickly diagnose and resolve customer issues using augmented reality (AR). Visualize problems in real time and provide efficient solutions.

Visual Diagnostics
Interactive Guidance
Remote Assistance
Efficient Solutions
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Enhanced Collaboration

Foster teamwork by allowing support agents to collaborate seamlessly. AR Genie enables experts to work together, share insights, and tackle challenges effectively.

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Improved Efficiency

Streamline support processes with live video streaming and AR annotations. Reduce resolution time and enhance overall efficiency.

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Personalized Support

Tailor assistance to individual needs. AR Genie allows personalized guidance, ensuring a better customer experience.

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Cost Savings

By resolving issues remotely and efficiently, you’ll save on travel costs and minimize downtime.

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How it Works


One click on the SMS/Email link and you are connected!

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Identify /Analyse

The expert analyses the issue /machine-setup quickly through live stream.

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Assist /Train

The expert guides you through the solution /training effectively with annotations.

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Resolve /Upskill

AR Genie makes troubleshooting /trainings surprisingly convenient!

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Live Video Streaming

Connect with customers via live video feeds. See the problem firsthand and guide them effectively.


AR Annotations

Annotate real-world objects using AR overlays. Highlight key areas, instructions, or troubleshooting steps.


Screen Sharing

Share screens with customers for step-by-step guidance. Walk them through processes visually.


Multi-Platform Support

Whether it’s mobile, desktop, or other devices, AR Genie works seamlessly across platforms.


Secure Communication

Ensure privacy and data protection during remote assistance sessions.


“Customers and interested parties engaged.”

"AR GENIE is an extremely advanced tool that works flawlessly for remote troubleshooting and problem solving."


Customers and interested parties engaged.

"AR Genie enables our agents to serve our clients with a more effective and efficient service as well as a better customer experience."

Layla Star

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