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Work Smarter & Faster with Generative AI

Technicians often struggle to find specific and accurate information in real-time during task execution. Generative AI can help by analyzing vast data, segregating it to generate high-quality, personalized content in a structured format (like texts, images or videos) instantly, thereby boosting overall workflow efficiency & productivity.

Enhance Industrial Workflows & Tech Assistance

Generative AI, generates high-quality content from user input. Integrating this technology with Augmented Reality into industrial operations, maintenance, training, and tech support enhances efficiency and provides personalized, real-time problem-solving capabilities.

How we implement Generative AI in our Industrial Solutions

At AR Genie, we harness the power of Gen AI combined with Augmented Reality (AR) and Computer Vision technology to create innovative, efficient, and intelligent solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your businesses.

How AR Genie can simplify your Industrial Workflows
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Work Assist

Frontline workers, service technicians, or trainees can interact with AR Genie Work Assist through voice commands. Generative AI processes their queries &..

Generates instant text answers.
Display step-by-step instructions ( texts, images and videos) on AR glasses or tablet screens.
Present instructions in a standardized format with AR annotations.
Augmented Reality Technology


Users often struggle with setting up complex machinery. AR Genie Self-Service simplifies complex machinery setup with Gen AI technology by offering:

Personalized troubleshooting guidance on voice command.
Text instructions with images & AR annotations.
Real-time immediate responses for quick setup.

Why choose AR Genie ?

Advanced, Scalable & Customizable Solution

Our state of the art Augmented Reality & Computer Vision technology combined with Generative AI is designed to offer solutions that enhance industrial workforce productivity. By leveraging Gen AI, we ensure that our users get immediate and accurate information in real-time and solutions that can be tailored to fit their specific needs, driving businesses forward.


Real-time personalized support solutions
Voice activated AI assistance
Standardized work instructions
Simplify information access
More dynamic & responsive experiences
Streamlined setup & Onboard faster